Introduction to the DRP Blog.

This blog is intended to record the influences, theories, skills that I am exposed to during  the first year of the Foundation Degree in Film and Photography at South Devon College.

I am going to include events that are notable to me with reasons for that notability and how, if appropriate, how they have changed my practice. This all be a running blog of my experiences and will be a tool for recording my learning , learning styles and approaches together with strengths and skills I have developed.

These will include

  • Skills and techniques
  • Assignment Deadlines
  • Research
  • Textual Analysis and critical evaluation of existing work
  • Theoretical Perspectives and Approaches
  • CV and Personal Development Plan
  • Project development stages
  • Trips and work experiences
  • Include copies of three of my most practical successful outcomes this year.
  • Give a written account of one example of successful group and one example of individual work.
  • My Mumford and Honey questionnaire results
  • I am going to reflect on how I am developing as a media practitioner  as well artists and media practitioners who have influenced me.
  • Reviews of my PDP with regards to my short term goals together with professional contracts /work experience. I might talk about my long term goals.
  • Finally I will conclude with  personal reflection on what I have learnt through the year and how this will aid the next year of the degree.







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