Reflection on Exeter Film Task

Overall effectiveness of the sequence

Our film had a clear narrative, with elements of drama but perhaps not entirely believable. In screening the audience appeared entertained. Black and white worked, giving a more menacing, gritty feel. The choice of music with it’s dynamics and minor key lifted the piece adding significant drama and pace. A few editing glitches sneaked in due to file corruption but focus and close ups added to the atmosphere. The two alternative endings worked well but were tricky and time consuming to implement.

New skills I learnt

Introductions to : working in a crew ; Canon 6D; “Premiere 6”; “After effects” and the interactive elements. Extracting music using “Youtubemp3”

Existing skills I was able to develop

Examining the situation for creative ideas such as use of focus and making dynamic decisions as the shoot developed and opportunities were presented. Ability to work in a team collaborating with others & adapting to changed circumstances

Areas I really enjoyed

Working in a crew for the very first time and collaborating with others.

Challenges of working on location, continuity and shaping the shot as well as helping to shape the edit and learning to work with music.

Reflecting on the success of our team work.

Teams were fluid throughout the task as groups 1 & 5 interchanged personnel during the phases of production.

Team 1 agreed an idea for the shoot, location and delegated roles. Equipment was allocated, picture board produced and props acquired.

However, on shoot day no-one from the group was available and I became part of group 5. This group had a plan, also had designated roles, was listening and valuing each other.

We used the extra camera to good effect recording the additional angle. This improved shot variety and shot security.

In post-production the groups reformed into different syndicates who edited the same footage. Our sole editor worked very hard. Some creative conflicts occurred but we listened, respected our dynamically proposed ideas, took advice from each other and resolved them. Our titles lead created an excellent title sequence as well as creating the interactive buttons.

Day three post-production focused on uploading and interactive elements. This was time consuming and we ran into software difficulties which corrupted files and then browser issues. By working through lunch the piece was delivered on time.

Issues with the project and how these were overcome

At times the groups were too large for everyone to be involved, at others too small to operate. Varying attendance was addressed by role flexibility and reforming into new syndicates.

The single edit and lone editor made it hard for all group members to be involved. We only partially overcome this by having a few other tasks run in parallel.

Due to the shooting schedule the location was not researched, however, this was addressed by a rapid reconnaissance and adaption of the story to what was available.

Identified areas for development

Pre- and post-production planning.

Improving work flow especially using multiple editors.

Improving narrative and shot security.

Technical skills needed

In-depth camera knowledge including focusing skills

Directing skills including rehearsing and effective camera angles

Continuity and take record keeping.

Using premier & after effects together with workflow management.


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