A BIG mistake

Mistake 1 P1310491Very busy in the darkroom this morning. Brought in several objects that I wanted to print on to paper. I was keen to try and experiment with a theme of transformations. I also wanted try chemographs. The process was pretty simple.

  1. Find an appropriate size of image.
  2. Project in red onto the base plate. Move head up and down to increase exposed area. Adjust aperture wide for when using the negative holder. Close down for simple white light. Focus if using the neg holder.
  3. Cut out a test strip.
  4. Set the timer to intervals in seconds . Use a card to protect the strip to incrementally expose the strip. 2, 4, 6, 8 seconds 20, 25, 30 etc.
  5. Move the red filter away and depress red button on timer(for timed session) flip up for constant.
  6. Developer 90s, Stop 60, Fix 180s, Wash 180s. Do not: mix the tongs or use the dryer for test strips.
  7. With the red filter across line up paper on red square. Compose with objects.
  8. Today I used Metal hearts and spheres. Ribbons, lace stocking, scarves, twigs, tablets. I also used shower gel directly onto the paper and a straw to introduce air into it. The exposed print was washed prior to going into the developer and seperate a developer tray was used.
  9. After processing the print was finished in the dryer.
  10. Coloured toner used to add colour to dried prints in the anteroom. Max 10 minutes then washed and racked.


  • Don’t touch pictures in the drier. Let them fall out because it goes into reverse and jams
  • Light attenuates significantly if there is anything in the neg holder.
  • Unless a glass plate is used the composition must be reassembled each exposure
  • Colour toner rescues over exposed prints.
  • Don’t pour developer into the colour toner. It turns the nice B&W pictures funny colours and monsters appear.P1310494

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