Artists Index- 50

Having looked up 50 photographers and made handwritten notes I have to decide how to keep track of the information. A lot of info is in but the interface is horribly clunky and buggy and I need to add my own notes. I have considered individual blog enteries here but I need to update the information and search it.Sepia photographers

The simplest solution is a Google spreadsheet which I will leave open to all (for what it is worth). I will use a google form to ease initial data entry and then access the spreadsheet directly for updates. At some point I can use Google fusion tables to create a database/card indx  but that is not needed at this time.–lXIZBLmovrEyZGiVltqJNLWqTsJFwxIpWWkR_qxM/edit?usp=sharing


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