InDesign Torment

I am very new to using InDesign (Id) but I have committed to creating my workbook in it and then exported as PDF.

I am pretty careful to ensure I have a number of versions saved as work as this would be a huge loss.

However, during this  afternoon’s work session  I noticed the undo function was not working (and greyed out). Ok working hard, so found a work round. Thinking this is not do good.

I frequently save my work using keyboard short cuts so it was only later when I was backing up with a “save as” that I realised that too (and save) were greys out.

Ok stop work. Export as pdf ..working ..ok at least I can c+p back into a previous version.

Have a cup of tea to mull it over as this is very bad news.

Back from the Typhoo moment. Go to Adobe forums and find this is a known problem to adobe from 2013. ?????!!!! I have a while thought that these ‘grown up’, highly expensive, design programmes were buggy but goodness me-over two years ago!

So a user (not Adobe admins) came up with a solution. Save  in idml (Indesign markup language) and is probably down to a Id/ Bridge conflict.

More later….

So an hour or more  later I have recovered my file. During further reading of  the forum posts it is clear that people  lose work everyday to this bug. It becomes clear he development team have no idea how to reproduce the problem or how to solve this key fundamental  issue. In the mean time I must be aware that when undo ceases to work then this problem has reoccured. Equally that Cmd +s is not safe and menu saves are the way ahead.


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