What I have watched so far

I have watched with the beginnings of a critical eye:

  • Milk-  “Mixed” media shooting styles  feeling like docudrama with great performances. Very moving and ended up in tears
  • Field of Dreams-  Simply great shots, great script, great performances.
  • How I Live Now-A real surprise, apocalyptic teen flick. Very theatrical in a good way. Claustrophobic. Impressive
  • Joyeaux Noel-  Interesting. Unintentional “Westminster” farce moments  at times and love interest sings in “no man’s land”. Feel good family Christmas film sanitised and fantasied for the holidays.
  • The End of the World- More impressive shooting from Edward Wright. Acting brilliant. Story innovative lots of symbolism, nods to other films including an airborne  Cornetto wrapper after the apocalypse!
  • Interstellar-  Expansive, mis-cast, actors appeared bored, smug explaining of physics to the great unwashed. Unrewarding.
  • The Martian- Simply wonderful in all departments

I have also watched scenes from Drive (Quadrants) , Seven Samurai Movement), Hot Fuzz (Scene transitions), Day of the Jackal (Parade scene), The General (Physical comedy from the master).

Now I have the checklist I have all I need to put together my reviews.







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