_1510028 as Smart Object-1

This afternoon I worked as grip/ 2nd AC  for Paul while he shot his video piece for introductory skills.  Great learning points  for me as I have never had the opportunity before. Dancers were really enthusiastic and worked very hard.

I moved stuff (grip), set the lights (electrician ..I wish), worked the clapper (2nd assistant camera)  and took some set shots.

Things to keep in mind for the future when working with performers and that I will utilise in future opportunities.

  • Agree the performance area before to check for pillars
  • If possible see the performance first
  • Bear in mind performers need breaks for repeated shots
  • Explain what you need and assume nothing
  • Take gaffer tape for cables.
  • Have a lipstick ready when the white board pen runs out for the clapper.
  • Think batteries for lighting to allow movement  away from the sockets.
  • Check all the equipment works together i.e. tripod with dolly.
  • Keep communicating and engage with the performers using story boards and other means.
  • Radio mikes can have an extraordinary range ( 300ft) but take a radio so you can feed back to base that you can still hear them.

A very useful afternoon. Thanks Paul


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