Documentary assignment starts today

The documentary assignment starts today. Finishes just before Easter break in March.

Possible subjects are

  • Tar Barrels
  • Peter Archer
  • Stevie
  • Crab Fishing Industry in Brixham.
  • College Departments (Yachts/cooking/beauty).
  • Proud2B’s “Rainbow Crossing”

So much choice.

Update: Excellent tutorial with CM.

So my plan is to pursue Tar Barrels either as a still image production or as supporting as creditable evidence for a moving image output and that will be P2B Rainbow Crossing.

Moodle notes from CM:

Tutorial for Documentary: Has several interesting options for an outcome. One option which has already been largely produced, is a photo essay covering the annual tar barrel event in Ottery. This may just be used as part of research to demonstrate skills in the workbook as the preferred option currently is a moving image documentary that is exploring whether a ‘Rainbow’ crossing is to be permanentely installed in Totnes. Other options include a doc exploring a departments work within the college, stills on a brixham trawler(suggested looking at Corey Arnold), a biopic of a local artist and a doc about Stevie who is undergoing gender reassignment. The Totnes documentary also seems the best option given the timescale for completion. Will review progress in the new year.


Although this is  a 12 week module this includes Christmas which will dominated by Introductory skills. Need to press on immediately that is submitted. Need to  book time with Mat & Jon Price for Proud2 b

Update: Booked for 7th January (the day of Into Skills submission)

Learning points

Think what is possible within the timetable of 12 weeks. I had already discounted Berlin but I will use that opportunity for narrative.



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