The Slate and its Executioner (Part 2)

This is another great post to help get the most out of the clapperboard.

Blogged by Evan Luzi at Accessed on December 11 2015

Other thoughts include:

  • The clapper must be in focus to be readable.
  • The board must not move until the clap is completed.
  • It should be perpendicular to the ground.
  • No clapping off camera.
  • Clean clap   (otherwise you get a call for 2nd sticks (i.e. repeat)).
  • Soft claps near actors (hearing).
  • Shot letter spoken phonetically  and created for ever different shot (e.g. pulling out, zooming would be  Scene 1 Apha, take 1 and Scene Bravo, take 1 and recorded on the shot list as 1A 1 and 1B 1.
  • Tail clap with clapperboard upside down to show the end point.

More at (

Great stuff!




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