Set discipline

An Aide-memoir for on set working to ensure all bases are covered (obviously rolls are combined but the functions need to be performed:

  1. Cinematographer in collaboration with the script supervisor puts in marks and blocking
  2. Focus Puller/ Assistant camera (AC)  measures distances to marks
  3. The Director (D) and  actors discuss next take.
  4. Assistant Director (AD):  “Quiet/silence  on the set!”.
  5. AD: “Slate ready”
  6. AD: “Roll sound”.
  7. Sound recordist (S) “Speed”.
  8. AD: “Roll camera”.
  9. The camera operator (CO) “Camera rolling”.
  10. AD: “Mark it” (Quiet sticks if a close up)
  11. 2nd Assistant Camera (2AC or clapper/loader) “slates” with the sticks (multiple slates for multiple cameras)
  12. D:  “Action!”.
  13. When the D feels the take is finished or that the take is going badly and wants to stop it he shouts “Cut!”.
  14. AD: “Tail slate”
  15. 2AC inverts slate
  16. The (S) and (CO) stop their devices and the actors stop acting.
  17. Everyone checks their equipment, marks the shot list in preparation for another take while the director confers with the actors.

Paraphrased and expanded from:

I will probably have to have this on a key ring or hang it round my neck for a while.


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