Digital Artefact 5- Dancers

I have not used Lightroom before so this is my first attempt at editing with it and camera raw .

First impressions and learning points (LP)

The interface is similar to Adobe photoshop( PS)but complicated with a myriad of options that appears on the menus. Many of the processes are very opaque to me . Even the term “develop” was not immediately obvious   (LP- use youtube to review usage and screen shots to remind myself of processes)

I struggled with importing initially as my pictures were imported  in Apple’s “Photos”. Lr seems to have a problem reading the files (as do I as it has an opaque file structure). (LP-It appears that photos must be exported as ( RAW) files and the imported)

The camera raw editing applicationis  to common to Ps and Bridge (Br).

Using the tabs on the left hand side offers a logical workflow but for my first attempt I used the “Developer” presets.

My original plan was to use colour but the high contrast red filter  monochrome filter preset allowed me to extract the pleasing detail in the shadow. Additionally the light panel was a distraction in colour and is diminished in the hi-contrast version.


_1510028 as Smart Object-1

Finished output.







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