Bourne One

Watching the Bourne Identity again.

Specifically looking at shots. They use on the whole longer, steady cam, POV and short/quick normal shots. Shots are a mixture of wide, medium, v close (surprise) and  a b- roll. Lots of circulating/orbiting  shots (sometimes repeated like a stutter) ..composition dynamically changes.The fight scenes are single actions rapidly cut together to make a fight. The same goes for car chases, cut together not a single scene (of course). The fights and chases then become frenetic and tension ridden. Movement and pacing is key (surprise). What a massive edit it makes but really seamless in execution.

The lighting is amazing too. Not easy to find studio shots so if they are there they are brilliantly staged.

LP- Single shots cut together make for fast paced action. Don’t expect to the editing suite for a while.


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