Reflection Progress- January

A reflection on Introductory Skills

I started well back in October and felt I was making good progress but despite a huge amount of work, especially over Christmas I really didn’t feel that it was satisfactory. The deadline loomed, technical problems intervened and I become very anxious that I would I would miss the deadline. Although I produced a printed professional looking workbook of fifty A3 sides I am not sure the content was sufficiently weighty. I was particularly irritated not to get more in the skills section although all the skills section images were all my own examples. As regards evaluation I wrote considerable amounts on interpretation but was unable to include it, as the word count defeated me because they lacked sufficient  technical reflection. Submitted prior to deadlines (Jan 7/14)

I need to get a good start to a new module and sustain that momentum all the way through. I need to think how a set of pictures fits together more. I need to minimise faffing and get to grips with software and hardware quickly. I need to make sure I know in detail what is required from the brief/module guide.


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