Essay Questions

Still considering an appropriate question to present. As a subject I think it has to be Nazi iconography in cinema after having seen Star Wars 7 and yet again we have a fascist state as the bad guys. But this still an enormous and complex subject for 2500 words. Can I cope with watching films with fascists in and can I plough through the written material available.

Titles that I have considered are:

  • Is the use of Nazi iconography in cinema an overused metaphor for unbridled evil?
  • Is the use of Nazi iconography in cinema to identify character traits in villains, lazy filmmaking?
  • Does an association with the colours red and black define that character as associated with evil?
  • Why don’t we see men in pointed hats with southern US accents in films as villains?
  • What mis-en-scene is required for us to associate the villain as a Nazi-like character and by association evil?
  • Are Nazi like characters one dimensional villains or can they be real people?
  • Are there fascist characters depicted in films that do not rely on Nazi iconography to define them?


Holywood films using mis en scene as a short cut

Watch Pleasantville, Brazil (1984)


Paraphrasing  Jenks in his introduction to Visual Culture,  the reason that Nazis iconography is so prevalent in cinema is that it aesthetically pleasing and that was  deliberate act by the Nazis ‘everything in Germany must be beautiful”  (Jenks, 1995)

“The Wave/ Der Wave” and Pleasantville  shows us that everyone wants to be a nazi. Even comedy shows can do the same ..are we the bad guys. Naughty pleasures?


People who dress up as Stormtroopers 501st Garrison are they just more acceptable reenacters than people who dress as Waffen SS







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