Rainbow Scene 1, Take 1

My second meeting with Proud2b developed into a filming opportunity.

I used the the FZ 1000 on a tripod for a medium  shot (and sound)  and roamed handheld with the FZ 72 specifically aiming to get close ups and interesting angles and a b-roll. When outside I used the FZ 1000 handheld.

The layout of the office gave me some concern as there is quite expanse of desk between the Jon and Mat the two leads for Proud2b. The resultant image has them slightly up against either side of the frame. Difficult composing without changing the office dynamic.

Filming took place  while they  discussed the origins of the crossing that they are trying to create in Totnes. Scenes recorded were in the office, stairwell, street at the old location and at the proposed location.

Problems encountered were extraneous noise from the musician outside the building. To try to overcome this I filmed the establishing shots with him playing outside (1). I am not convinced this will work on the sound track.  Traffic noise was also intrusive at the new site. I have concerns that this footage is unusable. The traffic noise could have been overcome with a Tascam and boom or lapel radio mikes(2).

I created “rushes”using Premier Pro. The main problem here is still trying to find menu items. The sound track was challenging, there was a slight mismatch between the quality of the data collected from the two cameras. An unexpected issue occurred because the twins will talk and when one completes a paragraph and stops the other will almost invariably start to talk picking up the thread. This confounded closing off scenes with natural pauses. I will need to feed this back carefully as I don’t want to inhibit the talent (3). Additionally particularly exterior shots I found the autofocus struggled. May have to consider manual focus with peaking when doing close ups when dealing  with a crowded background (4). Another work round may use a different focus point or perhaps use the tripod.

I showed the rushes to CM, SH and Jon & Mat. Which were well received and considered suitable.


LP- Included in text (1), (2), (3) and (4)




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