Voluntary work experience.

WW1 Centenary Group- End of project party. Invited by the Chairperson  to cover it. An evening in Berryhead Hotel to report back to project participants and families. No real brief as to what was required barring 6 pictures.

Very hard to make interesting pictures. Lack of agenda so I didn’t know what was going on. I realised even with the low light capability of the FZ-1000 I was struggling to get sharp images. I moved to take video from which I hope to export stills.

Provided 6 pictures of the evening as requested. These were used in the evidence pack for the National Lottery Fund.


Very tricky with light. Not happy using flash as too intrusive. Equally because people were eating I refrained from taking pictures during this part of the evening.

Tis was good experience as it was quite unusual for me. I really must improve my skills to with flash as resorting to video does not result in very high quality pictures for printed media.


LP-Get an agenda. Need to use flash as required.






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