Sun and planet development

Research Resources for Digital Apps

Initial thoughts  and work using astronomical objects in Cinema 4D. Some other videos that may help.

So far I have blogged this. I want to research moving on from here. see below.

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Sun and planet simulation that i created using this research

Camera rotation  (Jack Hurley, 2013)

Planet Earth Maker (sgste, 2013)


This is a very useful resource which I have used for realistic surface mapping.

Orbiting planets (PaternoPhotography, 2012)

This is a step by step walk through the method. I am going to use this.


Planetary rotation and tilt (Thomas Joseph, 2012)


To make the planet appear realistic it needs a tilt. This is a very helpful video which I will use to incorporate his method in my digital application.

Creating The sole system (StePPin’ In, 2011)


Whole system approach. Stimulating me to create the whole system.

Cityscape in 5 mins

This is an interesting video to create a sci fi cityscape. It requires a plug in which may be difficult to obtain.


Low poly is interesting for not suitable for this project.


Low polygon world ..not so good for this project

Animation- quite complex really for a simple world creation.

Very useful video title. As I having trouble understanding the animation prices in Cinema 4d


Animation again


Interesting particle animation. This makes me think about atmosphere being striped away from a planet by a gravity well.


Orbiting planets (Pachalis Boras, 2013)

Superbly useful video.


Combining the techniques of circling the camera around a target (Jack Hurley, 2013), using the appropriate inclination (Thomas Joseph, 2012) building an orbit then increasing that system will allow me to create a complex planetary simulation (Pachoulis Boras, 2013), (StePPin’ I, 2011). The photo realistic effects ( sgste, 2013) will allow me to the world look stunning.

My project to create an artefact of digital solar system extra-solar system is making progress.



Jack Hurley (2013) How to move a CAMERA in a CIRCLE in cinema 4D around a TARGET/POINT // Tutorial by Jack Hurley. Available at: (Accessed: 18 April 2016).

Pachalis Boras (2013) Solar system cinema 4D. Available at: (Accessed: 14 February 2016).


PaternoPhotography (2012) How to make objects orbit/revolve around each other | cinema 4d tutorial. Available at: (Accessed: 18 April 2016).

StePPin’ In (2011) Cinema 4D | creating the solar system | inner terrestrial planets. Available at: (Accessed: 18 April 2016).

sgste (2013) Cinema 4D Tutorial EARTH and other PLANETS – easy and PHOTO REALISTIC!. Available at: (Accessed: 18 April 2016).

Thomas Joseph (2012) Cinema4D Tutorial: Planet rotation with proper axis and time line smoothness. Available at: (Accessed: 18 April 2016).







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