Ilfracombe- Reflections

Had another chat with most the 2nd years regarding their Ilfracombe experience. They have not got their assignment back but offered the following.

  • Ensure use of clapper. They didn’t have one and the resultant mismatch has been very time-consuming
  • Have dedicated data supervisors to organise clips on the hard drives. Ensuring sound is with video. And backed up.
  • Consider buying in a script or choosing one script that everyone agrees on.
  • Have an overall producer and an overall Director
  • Ensure the shot list is completed. They were missing bits of dialogue that were essential to understanding the plot.
  • Don’t let the talent direct the movie. Get the best actors possible.
  • Have clear production schedules (strips)
  • Keep it really, really simple.
  • Keep control of the project
  • Be a director rather than camera/sound ¬†operators.
  • Have an agreed module guide well before shooting.
  • Be prepared!


I wanted to hear this from them and certainly confirms my observations of the filming. I am determined to ensure we have clarity around this module well before finish this year.



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