Line Up Exhibition

Line Up & Colour Code Exhibitions- Devon Guild, Bovey Tracey

Curated by Sania Pell  it is an inspiring display of really fine ceramics, textiles  and imagery. It explores the “relationship between objects: how they combine and interact in in styled groupings ” (Exhibition Information ). _1530270

The aim was to research the exhibition layout. The reference video shows layout only and is not intended to represent the subtly of greyscale on offer. Similarly the images are for quick reference.

The line up concept is wonderful using a mixture of artists “frequently featured in her editorial shoots”. The simple line transforms the pieces into still life. The shelving, and tables are obviously perfect for display purposes.  Pell’s intention was to create still lives  ” could be displayed in any home ” I guess this also feeds into a my need for straight lines. Very tangentially it has congruence with exacting pen and water prints for instance with individual bricks outlined.

The exhibition material continues that the”handmade objects are graphic , and bold with expressive mark making”.


I love the simplicity yet there is so much texture. I really loved this exhibition a privilege to see it. Compositionally it has made me think about simple lines.

I also came across a work shop on how how photograph 3d objects on the 3rd March in Shaldon. I will be unable to go but I hope to encourage someone else to go.



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