Reflecting Progress-February

Reflected on my progress I feel I am still having to run to keep up. The main problems are that my productivity is low due to the overhead of learning new programmes and techniques. I have estimated this to be 80% faffing, 19% productivity and 1% creativity. CM said this was about right at this stage (oh dear).

Digital Apps

Aftereffects is still a mystery. I must address this. Need to sit down and complete my compositing class tutorial and then create a composite. I have the videos ready. Additionally I must complete my clouds/ college film.

Indesign I have felt more comfortable with because of familiarity but still throws out peculiar problems. Premier Pro I can produce work with but feels that I am missing a huge amount of its capabilities and settings are very difficult to understand.

This week I made a conscious effort to work with Cinema 4D. I have found this programme extremely challenging to use. After many failed attempts I have finally produced a wine glass. I then went on to produce a pleasing (for me) Neptune flyby.

Illustrator I have made progress with although we have yet to cover in it seminars. I have taught myself to convert vector images and produced railways posters which people seem to like.

Working on desktop machines helps as the Macbook pro struggles/dies  with concurrent running Adobe products.

Visual Culture

I have chosen a question but I am still questioning whether I like my subject-The influence of the Third Reich on Hollywood and the wider cinema seventy years on. I am determined to produce my seminar as a subset of my essay. Deadlines looming with interim assessment on 22 Feb and finally delivery March. My blogged critical assessment of work is poor in quantity and quality.

Spent some useful time clarifying learning objectives with TW and CM

The final blog needs to be finished by 6th May.(13 weeks)


After a good start by having 30mins of useful filming I am falling behind as I been concentrating on other subjects. Desperately need to finish my my critique of Big River Man. Still not got to grips with evaluating documentary stills. Deadline 27 March, 6 weeks!


Feel this is the most elusive of all. I am really not sure I reaching a satisfactory level. Working through the blogs I have made which, while copious, are not perhaps worthy. Blog review deadline by Wednesday. Overall deadline 6th May(13 weeks).







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