Digital Artefact 3- Embers

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 15.20.41

The finished image

Raw processing a light painting


I created a light painting using a red torch attached to a cord suspended from the light fitting.

I placed an object on the floor manually focused on the object with lights on. I then set the camera (Panasonic FZ 1000) on the floor facing up onto initially 20 then 40sec  shutter settings. With f/8 to give a good depth of field.

I set the camera to timer 10 secs (so I would not get camera shake).

After turning off all light and shutting curtains to exclude exterior light I pressed the shutter and swung the torch as the countdown reached zero (last two seconds has rapid red light flashing).

The shorter exposure with a vigorous swing was best as the background was darkest. An interesting Bokah effect did appear on the 40 sec exposures though.

The torch was not attached exactly vertically and this resulted in an irregular swinging moment so the arcs were not perfectly smooth.

The RAW image was processed in Photoshop Camera RAW. The intention was to pull out as much contrast and colour as possible. I pulled out as much as I could but used to Macphun Intensify for the last pieces of detail.

The finished image was inputed in Indesign with a bleed and a title inserted.

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The arcs were not a smooth as would have liked. Darker conditions, a less intense smaller light with a central attachment and a longer exposure would work well.

Using Intensify throughout the project would have yielded similar results in less time but does not batch process.

I am disappointed I could no find more colour variance in the image. I may try multiple colour object next time…














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