DRP Blog Reflections

Reviewing my blog as it needs to be completed for May 6th which is 16 weeks away. I have created a spreadsheet and using Tools>Export I downloaded an xml file of my WordPress posts. After stripping out 90% of the code, then find and replace the mark up tags I had a list of titles . I have cross referenced these against the module learning outcome criteria. The review/progress  spreadsheet 

  1. My CV, year reflection have yet to be started.
  2. Where blogs have been started there is evidence in situ.
  3. The areas of blog guidance not started are: Deadlines, my comments and how I am going to apply concepts are incomplete and need to be changed from Learning Points (LP) to reflections
  4. The strengths are that is wide ranging, is what I am interested and is well sourced ( although infrequently from multiple sources).
  5. The weaknesses are it is not systematic and references tend to be from websites rather than books.
  6. Need to back up blog posts with more credible sources
  7. The blog DRP and the wider subjects seems unsatisfying at the moment, scrapbook/ sketchbook like and really just a flow of consciousness. Overall I have posted over 100 times (across all blogs), albeit smaller posts but still feels very superficial, scratching the surface of the surface. As I have never blogged before, maybe this is how it feels.





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