Alec Soth

Gathered Leaves-Alec Soth Science Museum Feb 10 2016


Picture Credit: Exhibition Images Alec Soth

Gathered Leaves is the name of the first ever exhibition of Soth’s work in the UK. Originally published in A4/Letter size books his work is shown full size. More than 3/4 of the show is made up prints at A0 size. Magnificent and pin sharp. He has been a Magnum Pictures photographer.

The show is curated chronologically around his four major books: Sleeping By the Mississippi (2004), Niagara (2006), Broken Manual(2010) and Songbook (2015).

Writing for the O’Hagan says” The results are beautiful, whatever their subject matter. Painstakingly composed on a large-format camera mounted on a tripod, his images can be breathtakingly stunning in their subtle range of muted colours” (O’Hagan, 2015).

He continues “Sleeping By the Mississippi showed Soth’s instinctive grasp of narrative and metaphor, each image carefully chosen to articulate – and accentuate – his sense of the US, and the south in particular, as a place haunted by ghosts and individuals who are slightly adrift from, or wilfully outside, the norm.”

My reference pictures (of the exhibition) cannot do it justice and so are a mean appetiser for a sumptuous feast. I hope they give a sense of scale.

Once again reflections in the glass interfere with viewing up close but a step back minimalises it.


For me I thought this was sensational work, both content ( colour , scale &  composition)  and the method of  display. The large format was so impressive and I loved the spaciousness of the gallery too.

I am very drawn to this huge format and I would love incorporate this in future works.


O’Hagan, S. (2015) Alec Soth: America’s most immaculate, intriguing photographer. Available at: (Accessed: 11 February 2016).

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