Rainbow Crossing Shoot -February

Proud2b meeting Feb

The group has expanded again and must have had upwards of 35 people there. Explanations again before  filming and this cost some potential shots as it was Mat and Jons’ birthday and a cake was presented.  Needed another camera operator.

Interviews with 7 people, three of whom had been there on the night the original crossing was made. Additionally I  received another update from Mat. He has also clarified that the crossing will be a courtesy crossing. Never heard of this.

In the rushes there is an irritating hum on the soundtrack which  needs to suppressing. In post production Not sure of the origin! Checked the footage nothing else appears to be of concern.

Next Stage

Time  management is a concern as there is considerable pressure to consider Visual Culture, Digital Apps and DRP blogs/ products. Emphasis on these modules  will perhaps delay  Documentary editing and work book.

A final interview with Mat is planned for mid March. In addition shots for a  b-roll & establishing shots in and around Totnes.  A preliminary edit needs to be completed.

Researched a number of rainbow crossings and courtesy crossings. The latter seem rather contentious as they seem new and  unproven in the traffic world. This line of questions can be pursued/ included in the next shoot.  (Citation needed)

Considering two endings ..maybe simple text. Maybe text plus reactions shots.

The County Council met on April XX.  Fade out/in They approved. Fade I/O Work will commence on YY

The County Council met on April XX.  Fade I/O The council rejected the plan Fade I/O Proud2b will fight on.


Substantial useful segments obtained. Must bring it all together at the earliest opportunity to prevent time pressures building up in late March.




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