Reflection -Introductory Skills Module


Just received assignment feedback. Overall very positive, complementary and squeaked a first by the narrowest of margins.

I had work to very hard throughout this module to keep up. I worked consistently over the Christmas break. I produced a work book 50 sides of A3 which was printed on heavy 290 gsm paper. During the process I taught myself how to use Adobe Indesign. This was quite time consuming and problematic at times particularly where the software was misbehaving or the system resources of the MacBook were insufficient to cope.

I managed to submit the day before the deadline, however, I could have done more. Printing  rather than creating a “scrapbook” workbook feels much like professional practice. A down side is that it is a all or nothing process meaning it has to put to bed ( completed) and bound well before the deadline.It has to proof read as it is expensive to reprint. This makes its creation quite anxiety producing as one is completely dependant on technology working precisely as ordered.

Video & Still Outcomes

Unfortunately my video files were not burnt to the disc correctly. However I received 59% for the Task overall.Had they been submitted correctly I believe I would have received a substantially better mark.I had decided to put a title on each print using Indesign. so added an needed stage as I could have done this in Photoshop.


I received a 72%  for  this. This was probably the easier of the task as I had made comments throughout the task and managed my time well so I was able to submit a daily early with a clear conscience that I had covered everything.

Overall Reflection

  • Make sure the DVD has correctly loaded any files . No point in working hard if they are submitted incorrectly.
  • I need to work very hard ( and cleverer ) over the next two years.
  • My work has value. I had been concerned that I had nothing to use as a yardstick to measure my performance. This result has allayed my concerns somewhat.I can do this.






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