Just watched a segment on BBC South West’s Inside Out on the filming of Poldark (BBC, 2016). Or rather Poldark on horseback (apparently the lead is a  accomplished horseman).

At a location shoot close to Bedruthan Steps nr. Morgan Porth they had 22 horses on set …and a helicopter. Stunt doubles for the leads for when the insurance why_does_aidan_turner_s_ross_like_to_ride_beside_the_seaside_when_his_home_in_poldark_is_inland_men stepped in to say something was too dangerous. In fact the horses had understudies! When a horse didn’t like the significant downdraft from the squirrel helicopter ( with a really expensive looking camera on a gimble) they just brought up his understudy.

Prior to going on location they demonstrated horses working “at liberty” which means the handler can be distant from the action and horse still does what it is told.


Fascinating stuff, in world so detached from ours! What amazing organisation it takes to get quality shows together. The director was in the helicopter.





Box of Broadcasts when it gets it.

BBC, Inside Out  1900 15 Feb, 2016


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