Viral #IDONT


This shocking but impressive piece of work has been seen by 1.7 million people. Everyday there are 37 000 marriages involving a minor (Revesz, R. 2016). As of Feb 16 that has risen 1.85 m

An elderly man and his 12 year old bride pose for photos in a Lebanese resort. Some passers-by congratulate them but others confront them. (KAFALebanon, 2015)

“Of course it is my business, she is twelve” challenges one woman in the video.

They are are actors hired to raise awareness of child brides.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.36.30.png


This took bravery on behalf of the actors and film crew. I am glad they were.

I would really like to make a difference with a piece like this.

How would you classify this mocumentary? Not sure that does it justice.


KAFALebanon (2015) الأحوال الشخصية قاصرة/ say #IDONT to child marriage. Available at: (Accessed: 16 February 2016).
Revesz, R. (2016) Video of child bride in Lebanon shines spotlight on 37, 000 child marriages every day. Available at: (Accessed: 16 February 2016).

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