One of the best bits of advice I have had came from my friend and colleague Sophie. She put me on to RefMe as a reference manager. Its free and terrific.

It has several features that keep me sane (mostly) with references and keeping track of citations.


It is web based and an add on into browsers allows websites to be very quickly added as a cutting  as well as copying the quote or even the whole paper into it. Also works with copy and paste.

With the accompanying App for phones  it also allows the bar code on books to be read  automatically as it has a reader.

References can be entered manually.

I have encountered a couple of problems ..the academic office say sometimes it misses out full stops and secondly Google books needs to be manually coped into the citation.

References can be added to projects as tabs so you could have Essay Ref list and Essay Bib List. You can create the ref list by simply (really simply!) moving it to another list.


Reference lists can be output in a variety of formats including Word and PDF. You can copy and paste but sometimes italics can be lost.

This is a simple slide introduction made librarians ..the most awesome of awesome people. Talk  to them. They are gods amoungst us.

RefMe is a great resource use as you do much better than pieces of paper!

Thank you Sophie.







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