Say Hello to the Clangers …

It seems well known that:

“The Clangers were small creatures living in peace and harmony on – and inside – a small, hollow planet, far, far away, nourished by Blue String Pudding, and Green Soup harvested from the planet’s volcanic soup wells by the Soup Dragon.” (Original source untraceable)

Running from 1969-1972 the ‘Clangers ” was a children’s television series of  26, 11 minute episodes over two series.

In November 2015, The Clangers won Best Pre-school Animation at the BAFTAs.

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In 2015 the Clangers returned to television for what the production company described as series three- not a reboot. The could do this because they felt they carried over the ethos and values of the original together with Oliver Postgate the original creator with his son doing the screenplays for 13 episodes.

On Friday 19th February as part of animate Exeter the RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) hosted Chris Tichbourne the co-director of  52 of the new new 10 minute episodes.

The rapt fifty strong audience, predominantly middle aged, with an odd smattering of under 8s were introduced to the history, clanger construction, test animations, sets then and now. However, the highlight may have been posing with Major Clanger  and that cheeky Soup Dragon.

Learning points

  • How the characters are made, posed and photographed.
  • The internal workings of the character including the ability to pin the feet to the set.
  • Cameras used and how the sets were created then and now.
  • How much the audience still loves the Clangers (including me).
  • Production values.


Having watched them as I have been influenced all my life by the Clangers. Their sense of fair play, curiosity and problem solving is a very helpful life paradigm.

I would love to make a stop action animation in the future.















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