First year blog conclusion


Media theory was unknown to me before the course but I have really enjoyed being introduced to the concepts. Written English and drama is not my strong subject but I feel I have made progress over the year.

Other areas I feel I have made  progress in are

  • Critical analysis
  • Media vocabulary
  • Essay writing


Practical skills

This first year has given me a much better understanding of a range film techniques. Learning  time-lapse photography was very enjoyable and my results have been pleasing.

On a downside problems with technology have been very time consuming and almost catastrophic when an assignment went wrong because of my inability to burn a DVD.  An irritation has been that there is a functionality mismatch between current software and what is available. Adobe Creative Cloud is subtly different but more importantly files created are not backwardly comparable. Therefore home study/work  is a cut-de-sac for workflow.

A significant amount of time was taken up learning Adobe software packages (at CS6 not CC)  and it still feels as though we have only scratched the surface.

Sadly I don’t feel as though I have benefitted from tuition in Premier Pro. Significant amounts of time have been required to self teach the techniques before being able to carry out assignments. The results  have achieved have been well received but I do rely on the principles I have used in other programmes.

After Effects remains difficult  to absorb what it is capable of. I don’t feel I have really got to grips with it adequately.

Cinema 4D is  probably the most difficult program to use but the most satisfying to get results from because they can be breathtaking realistic. I feel I have made good progress with it. Sadly I feel that this programme is the least useful to me in the future and given its cost the least likely for me to purchase.

It is with Photoshop  I feel most comfortable with and feel I have progressed well. In particular processing in camera RAW which has also included batch work which has been very a useful skill for the future.

Using Illustrator has been interesting. I particularly believe  the conversion of jpg to vector files  as a very marketable skill.

Indesign- although not taught,  self directed study  supported  creating workbook for Introductory skills has been very useful and commercially useful.

Art Exhibitions

To be frank I have never enjoyed art exhibitions. This has changed. It is as though I needed to learn how to appreciate things. Whereas I would normally,if forced, I would  have a quick spin round,  during  our visit to Berlin I went on my own to the Dali sketch,  the Helmet Newton  and Dr Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds. All of which were  useful in there own ways.


It has been very useful to benchmark my work and I have been pleased that it has met the standard required which was a personal worry. The feedback I have been given has been constructive and helpful. Systematically evaluating my own work critically has been educational. I am thinking much consciously about imagery and semiotics.

Researching and referencing

I have very much enjoyed researching either techniques in video demonstrations or searching for texts to support an argument. However, I believe I lack the discipline to stay on the track of one particuar idea and tend to branch out on tangents. This is because I am curious but also serendipitous discovery of  helpful piece of information is always welcome. As with all students referencing is a laborious duty but I can say I have been very strict by recording what I have found and where immediately. I was very fortunate to have been introduced to RefMe which has proved an excellent companion on research adventures.


Action research

Location filming in Ilfracombe was a seminal experience for me as I had never worked in a film crew. I was very pleased to be able to contribute positively. I learnt a number of things mostly what I would try and do better but there were other periods of good practice. I am determined that our course experience will  be very different.

Strengths and skills

Hard working  but I think a not very good at smart working. Organising my work and thinking ahead.

Good  knowledge of Premier Pro, Photoshop and a working knowledge of Indesign.

How this will help next year.

Having a good understanding of Premier Pro will be essential for the creation of our joint filming on location in Ilfracombe. Equally having had an introduction to After Effects I may use that to create time-lapse elements.

Equally a thorough understanding of Photoshop will assist with the Portraiture module in year 2.




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