Mensch Museum, Berlin

The Exhibition

The exhibit consists of ten complete latex human bodies and many organs that have been donated by the previous owners. Most bodies have no skin. The bodies are posed and entitled with the action they are undertaking. Some organs are diseased which are used for  educational purposes such as polycystic kidney.

Body parts are prepared by replacing human tissue with latex or artificial parts such as artificial eyes. It is  understand that the mineral elements of the bones are retained.

Inevitably there is a shock factor when an exhibit is seen for the first time. Some  are more challenging than others. For instance one has the brain outside  and raised above the skull in a very graphic representation. The exhibits are very imposing and there is an intimacy together with a degree of tragedy ( use of the mirror to reflect the women face).



Having studied anatomy professionally I did find the exhibition engaging, however, I was left with a feeling of unease which I believe originated from the element of entertainment but mostly from the more bizarre poses.The exhibition is a reminder of the state that awaits us all. Plastic or no, the presentation is quite creepy and completely irrationally, I would feel ill at at ease being in that building at night. I don’t believe I will be using this methodology anytime soon.





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