Rainbow Crossing Production Schedule & Logs


Dec 20 Initial meeting with Proud2B Achieved
Jan7 Filming Initial Opening scenes x
Jan16 Filming x
Feb 15 Presentation to Social Group x
Feb 16 Preliminary edits
Feb 23 Filming Exterior shots “The Plains” Vox pops Update with Mat x
Feb 24 Preliminary edits x
March 9 Filming Social group x
March 10 Filming Mat, office and exterior x
March 11 Editing x
March 12 Editing x
March 13 Editing x
March 14 Editing x
March 15 Complete Edit


Production Logs

Dec 20

First meeting with Jon Price to discuss making the documentary. Our agenda included.

  • Deadlines and timetable.
  • Content
  • Method  of interviews ..talking heads and introductions  then the  interplay between the two brothers videoing their conversations and interactions ..psuedo fly on the wall (insufficient time to do a real one)
  • Funding through crowdsourcing
  • Ways of working. Use of 2 cameras
  • Content. History, crowd sourcing.
  • Next meeting date 7th Jan


Jan 7

Second visit to  the Pride2b office. Filmed Mat alone giving an update on progress. He was very busy but we managed to get some excellent insights and a progress report.

Filmed close up. Background poor so moved the poster behind him. Recorded medium shot a on the phone and b roll. Additionally discussed presenting at the social meeting to explain use of cameras in a secure/safe place. There is ane room which we can repurpose.

Jan 10

First rushes. Seminar with CM.. Good feedback on initial thoughts

Jan 15

Proud2B social  group meeting . Visited the  monthly social group. A short presentation to the group was needed to explain the documentary. Some people are uncomfortable with being filmed in middle and close shots in the large room therefore an  option to use  an adjacent room will taken up. All  models/interviewees will need  release forms. Establishing shots to show  the  entire group.

Jan 16

First Edits  Little progress has been made as far as narrative developments.

Feb 15

Proud2b meeting. The group has expanded again and must have had up wards of 35 people there. Explanations required before  filming and this cost some potential shots as it was Mat and Jon’s birthday and a cake was presented. Needed another camera operator!

Interviews with 7 people, three of whom had been there on the night the original crossing was made. Additionally I  had another update from Mat. He has also clarified that the crossing will be a courtesy crossing. New to me. In the rushes there is an irritating hum on the soundtrack which  needs to suppressing. In post production Not sure of the origin! Checked the rushes nothing else appears to be of concern.

Next Stage

Time  management is a concern as there is considerable pressure to consider Visual Culture, Digital Apps and DRP blogs. Emphasis on these modules  will put delay  Documentary editing and work book.

A final interview with Mat is planned for mid March. In addition shots for a  b-roll & establishing shots in and around Totnes.  A preliminary edit needs to be completed

Researched a number of rainbow crossings and courtesy crossings. The latter seem rather contentious as they seem new and  unproven in the traffic world. This line of question can be pursued/ included in the next shoot.

Considering two endings ..maybe simple text. Maybe text as below with reaction shots???

“The County Council met on April XX.  Fade out/in They approved. Fade I/O Work will commence on YY”

“The County Council met on April XX.  Fade I/O The council rejected the plan Fade I/O Proud2b will fight on.”

Feb 23

Short filming session with Mat and update. Arranged vox pops session March 10

B Roll and Crossing video. Tried Vox pops with limited success. People are unhappy to go on camera. Those antagonistic to gay rights even more so. Hard to approach people

Mat is hopeful he will have mor news tomorrow from his council insider. Next stages:More information tomorrow from counsellor. Film again at proud2b

March 9

Pride2 B social group. Update filming with Mat and discussion. Establishing shots of the main group. The “Plains” location is now in doubt. This location would have required County Council approval and therefore an end point to the narrative. The two ending version will not now work. It would appear that the town council will approve at an unknown date.

Despite having a significant amount of shots I don’t have sufficient to provide a narrative. Looking back I have not captured much drama…because there has been any.

March 10

Final day of shooting. Filmed a very useful segment summarizing the whole process. The aim being to use this to narrate progress.  Additionally  filmed a end scene where Mat explains where they are up to and his hopes and aspirations. Street scenes in the high street highly quality. Interviews.

March 12-13

First major edit ends with 1.5 hours. There are too many stories , some more interesting than others. Concentrating on history, location, reactions and future. Quite painful to leave stories untold.

March 14

Twenty five minute edit. Still some flab. Have finally noticed that Mat uses many fillers in speech naturally.  Sound is unbalanced. Story there but still technical elements to correct.

March 16

Typos need correcting. Gaps between sequences need narrowing. Consideration for music.


This was a practical schedule. However, the final edits were very time consuming and while the film was satisfactory other other tasks and modules were robbed of time. This was an ambitious project and a long film when I perhaps should have gone for smaller project to ensure I had time for all projects.  I need to be mindful of this in future modules.

Summarised from


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