30s Railway Posters


Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 14.10.47

443309962749481_mainphotosThe ‘bucket and spade holiday’ focussed on those tools together with hopefully golden sands. Children’s hopes were dashed particularly on the Jurassic Coast (excepting Weymouth) where they encountered stones and more stones. Minehead in Somerset, however, was blessed with golden sands.

The use of warm primary colours in the image, a common theme to this art form, almost makes you feel warm and the leading  lines draws you into the picture. Literally drawing you to book! The cheerful white nuclear family in the foreground an exemplar to us all.


This art form is to me is very evocative. I feel an emotional attachment to it because I think this style of holiday and train travel was still available when I was a child in the sixties. There is a sentimentality to it together with a high level of fictional content. Namely the weather!


I have to use this style in Digital Apps to recreate this.


Artuk.org (1929) Minehead: The gateway to Exmoor (great western railway poster artwork). Available at: http://artuk.org/discover/artworks/minehead-the-gateway-to-exmoor-9625# (Accessed: 14 May 2016).

Original posters (2016) Minehead British railways ‘travel by train’, original vintage film poster. Available at: http://www.originalposter.co.uk/fulldetails.asp?rid=11324 (Accessed: 14 May 2016).

(Original posters, 2016)

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