The Hunger Games- Characterisation

Applying Vladimir Propp’s character theory

Katniss is the Hero 

Seeker hero– aids victims of the villain

Victim hero– and targeted by the villain

President Snow acts as the Villain together with residents of the capital. There are False villains who are the subversives amongst the Capital’s population. Haymitch,  Cinna  and Effie eventually but better described as Enablers.

Peter is the helper 

The Princess is more complex than the  distressed damsel narrative. Could be : Prim  (the sister)  but she saves her at the beginning or Katniss saving herself at the end.

The Dispatcher sends the hero on their task/journey to restore the equilibrium. This is quite difficult to establish.

The process itself  of selecting a tribute or the history of the games perhaps. Effie Trinket who draws Prims name  even.


Propp’s theories take time to master and then not all characters will conveniently take up their labels.


I wonder if some authors write books with Propp labels then do a find and replace at the end to insert character names . So much simpler for the poor students analyse their work. Probably not great for the future of literature and definitely not how Shakespeare did it.


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