Sharpe’s Enemy


Sharpe’s Enemy  (Clegg, 1994)

Written by Eoghan Harris adapted from the novel by Bernard Cornwell

This insightful exchange appears to be entirely original work. Especially interesting is the last line.

 Sir Augustus: Disciplined troops desert, sir? Nonsense.

Wellington:Don’t be a damn fool, sir! Discipline is only a rabble-rouser’s shout from anarchy, sir! Mark me close, Colonel. What do you think the supreme virtue, sir? To the Frenchman in his recent revolution, it is liberty. To the Whig puffing in parliament, it is licence to do anything, provide it do not disturb his pleasure. But to the common soldier, it is anarchy, to do whatever he please and be damned to his fellow. But to me and Bonaparte, the supreme virtue is order. We are not Whigs.

We know that a man may love his neighbour of a Monday and massacre him of a Tuesday unless society keeps him in order!


Sharpe’s enemy (1994) Directed by Tom Clegg [DVD]. Amazon Video
Cornwell, B. (2001) Sharpe’s enemy: Richard Sharpe and the defense of Portugal, Christmas 1812. New York, NY, U.S.A.: Penguin Books.

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