Cinema 4D


Cinema 4D

  1. Cinema 4D
    1. 3d modeling

      1. Potentially
        realistic objects

        1. Merge with photos
          1. Short film
        2. Bring in 3 d content
          1. Composite
          2. Virtual worlds
      2. Quick
        1. Maya ..more complex
      3. AE: 2D multiple
        frames. 2.5 Flat
        objects in 3d
        Cinema 4d: True 3D
        with Z (depth)
    2.  Basic Workflow Summary ( ,”Understanding the Cinema 4D Workflow”, accessed 27 Nov 2015)
      1. Modelling Primitives, Splines,
        Polygons,Extruding Splines,Organic
        Shapes with subdivision surfaces
      2. Lighting- Simulates real world (perhaps
        hyper-realistically). Illumination to make it
        easier to see what you are looking at and can
        add drama and emotion.
      3. Materials-Textering Transparency and
        translucency of an object (Channels in the
        materials manager) Tags
      4. Animation Simple and complex
        movement and dynamics (collisions)
      5. Rendering TIFF PSD self
        contained like MOV. Finish in
        PSD or Aftereffects.
      6. Finish in Ae or PS.
    3. Worked Examples
      1. Wine glass
        1. Splines
          1. Pen tool
          2. Bezier curves
            1. Come down inside
        2. Lathe
          1. Drag on to
        3. Fity pence piece effect
          1. polycam
            1. Not powerful enough to render but now…
          2. Layers
            1. Indivividual
              polygons 96
      2. Cube
        1. top right corner of
          main screen
        2. Segments
        3. XY +Z dimensions
          1. Triangle symbol
        4. Extrude tool
        5. Scale to transform
        6. Subdivision surface
        7. sdl file




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